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Our Commitment to you our client is our fundamental philosophy of a "can do" attitude. We will at all times be open and honest and in delivering client satisfaction. We encourage our clients to approach whatever their concern is, so that we can take the appropriate option open to us.

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Debt Collection

Your creditor is entitled to ask you to pay any outstanding debts due, however they are not entitled to harass or intimidate you regarding the payment of such debts. There are specific rules for debt collection in relation to agreements covered by the consumer credit legislation such as the Consumer Credit Act 1995 and the European Communities (Consumer Credit Agreements) Regulations 2010 (SI 281/2010).

All debt collectors, including private individuals and debt collection agencies, are covered by Section 11 of the Non-Fatal Offences against the Person Act 1997. This provides that a person is guilty of an offence if he/she makes any demand for payment of a debt and if:

• That demands are so frequent as to be calculated to subject you or a member of your family to alarm, distress or humiliation, or
• The person falsely represents that criminal proceedings lie for non-payment of the debt, or
• The person falsely represents that he or she is authorised in some official capacity to enforce payment, or 
• The person utters a document falsely represented to have an official character

If you are subjected to such behaviour by your creditor or by a debt collection agency, you should report the matter to the Gardaí.

At C N Doherty Solicitors offer a full legal debt collection service through the knowledge and experience established in this area. We process all types of consumer finance and commercial debt from pre-legal formal demand letters to handling the process through the District, Circuit and High Courts.
As with all aspects of business, an effective debt management system is vital, therefore we recognise the importance of having your outstanding debt recovered.

Our commitment to you in all areas of law is that we will process your legal action as a matter of urgency. We apply the urgency of the matter by securing judgment on your behalf as quickly as possible. As with all judgments obtained on your behalf by C N Doherty Solicitors, enforcement and recovery of your money which remains outstanding is a critical part of the process.
We offer complete legal services as regards debt collection which include;

• Formal pre-legal demand letter
• Obtaining judgment
• Instalment Orders
• Committal proceedings
• Lodgment with Sheriff
• Court ordered sale Proceedings
• Garnishee Proceedings, This is where a Court orders that monies be paid by a third party, ie, an employer directly to the creditor.

For more information on you debt collection needs or any of these topics, please contact us or click here to make an appointment and we will be happy to assist.