About Us

Colum N. Doherty

Colum N. Doherty has worked in the legal profession in Ireland for a number of years prior to establishing his own practice at 11 Steeles Terrace, Ennis, Co.Clare and previously at Rosse Court in Lucan Co. Dublin. It is through this experience that has thought him to understand what the client expects and more so what the client deserves.

Results at an affordable price

In the Ireland of today, the client wants to see results at a price they can afford such that when you contact us or visit our office that you will feel the human side of the legal profession

At C. N. Doherty & Co. Solicitors, we combine the right blend of experience, enthusiasm and care to achieve for our clients the results they desire. Our primary goal is to achieve this result at a value that will keep our client coming back to us as their Solicitors. We represent clients throughout the Republic of Ireland and beyond and we are well recognised for our experience and expertise in handling a diverse range of legal issues.
Our office is located at 11 Steeles Terrace, Ennis, Co. Clare which offers a facility equal to the best available on the market.

We are happy to deal with you regarding all aspects of your legal issue which is why we make our commitment of a ‘can do’ attitude.

Above all, we are committed in providing a service which will encourage a relationship between our clients and our firm, this relationship is built on trust and the effective and efficient service we provide. On that basis, we are happy to assist you with any legal query you may have. When you employ us as your legal advisor, you will understand that it is ‘you that is important to us’ and it is ‘you’ that we represent.

If you have any feedback which you think would assist us to provide a better service to you, please contact us here.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment to you our client is our fundamental philosophy of a "can do" attitude. We will at all times be open and honest and in delivering client satisfaction. We encourage our clients to approach whatever their concern is, so that we can take the appropriate option open to us. 

We know that it is important to you that we deliver a superior performance with professionalism and respect. It is on this basis as we provide our services that we strive to be the best at everything we do.